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In Canada, each province and territory is in charge of their own education system.

Schools that teach students up to the grade 12 level are known as primary and secondary schools. Primary usually means grades 1-8 and secondary usually means grades 9-12.

All primary and secondary schools in Canada can enrol international students.

Provinces and territories approve (or “designate”) schools that can enrol international students. These schools are known as designated learning institutions (DLI). If you need a study permit, your acceptance letter must be from a DLI. If it isn’t, you application may be refused. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are DLIs.

You need to prepare for 

  • the cost to apply
  • tuition fees
  • health insurance
  • rent and how much it costs to live in Canada
  • language tests.

With the main objective being to acquire a Canadian Qualification; you may work on campus at the institution where you study without a work permit if:

  • you are a full-time student
  • you have a valid study permit


  • You must have been accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • You must prove that you have enough money
  • obey the law, have no criminal record
  • are in good health

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