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This Information sets out the services we will provide for you, together with our terms of business. We are responsible for the conduct of your case. Telephone calls may be recorded for legal purposes and review. 

We are reachable on +44 (0) 203 129 4900 / support@migrategroup.com.

We will keep you informed of the progress of your case and any developments as and when they arise. We shall do our best to respond promptly to letters or calls made to our office about your case, but ask you to understand that at busy times an immediate reply is not always possible. If you need to see a member of staff, you should telephone first for an appointment as otherwise you may not be seen. We shall, of course, take great care with any original documents such as passports, which you may give to us for sending to the immigration authorities. These will be returned to you immediately once they are returned to us. 

Our services and commitment to you

Once you have agreed to become our client, Migrate Group will provide further detailed consultation and advocacy services on your case. Using Migrate Group’s case management systems, our highly qualified case manager will ensure you receive expert advice to prepare your case and the accompanying documentation for submission. The process usually works as follows (since we treat each case on its individual merits, there may be some small variations):

  • We arrange a meeting either in person at our office, via video link or phone with your Consultant and Case manager. 
  • We ensure the facts of your case have been clearly presented by you and understood by Migrate Group
  • We ascertain your immigration history and all other relevant information, to ensure we understand all the facts and circumstances that may affect a successful outcome
  • If at any time we discover any issues that need to be addressed, which would otherwise harm your case, we will offer suggestions and recommendations as to your best course of action, together with any alternative options available to you, if appropriate
  • In short, we empower you at every stage of the process to make an informed decision regarding your future immigration options

In all cases, we will use our best endeavours to make your case as strong as possible and to obtain the result you seek. Your consultation process file would be considered as closed after six months of non-activity and a maximum of eighteen months of your first payment being received. A Consultation File Re-opening fee of twenty five percent of the total fees as per this document will be payable if we choose to accept to re-open the consultation file. This is to ensure quality service is offered. However, it is important to note that we offer advice, advocacy and, where appropriate, a professional opinion but we cannot guarantee success, since that is the sole prerogative of the relevant governing authorities and the judicial system.

In addition to our advisory and advocacy services, we offer complementary services designed to make your entire international Relocation and Resettlement simple and stress-free.

We have built a comprehensive network of suppliers and partners to support you, each one carefully vetted to ensure that you remain in safe hands all the way.
Our Responsibilities to Each Other

In relation to these services:

  • We cannot be responsible for the quality of the documents you provide to the authorities, although we will advise you of any potential issues in the documentation you provide
  • If you are unable to email documents, we will advise you on how to send them to your local Migrate Group office for review 
  • As our client it is your responsibility to declare any facts which may adversely affect your case via an email prior to engaging our services.  We are only able to assess your case based on the case history provided.  We can guarantee we never disclose your details to a third party and all communication remains strictly confidential
  • Immigration laws and policies are updated and amended very regularly. The advice we offer during our consultation process can only be regarded as current and valid for the time at which it is given. We cannot be held responsible for changes in immigration policy or law which may affect your case as your application progresses – although we will always seek to advocate your case as strongly as possible
  • Given this situation, it is vital that you provide the documentation we request as soon as possible. If you are unable to provide the necessary documents within 60 days of your consultation, please notify us so that you details can be archived should you choose to continue your application later for an additional cost. However, we will always work with you to find an alternative solution if you advise us of any potential difficulties in sourcing these documents in advance of this deadline
  • Migrate Group can offer no guarantees on the time taken to process your application once the case has been submitted to the relevant government authority
  • Whilst we are representing you, we shall do our best to respond promptly to letters or calls made to our office but ask you to understand that at busy times an immediate reply is not always possible. In particular, we ask all our clients not to attend our office in person except by prior appointment. If you need to see a member of staff urgently, it is always best to telephone first, as you may not be seen otherwise

Office Opening times

Please note that our office is open from 10am to 6pm during weekdays. 

Your file 

Migrate Group is a trading name of Solutions on time limited with Company Number 09254835. The government requires us to keep a copy of your case file for up to 6 years after your case is closed. After that this maybe destroyed, unless you make arrangements to collect it from us thereafter. The cost of the consultation process is confirmed in the ‘Terms’ email sent to you [reveiew attachments as well] A minimum deposit of 33.34% [of the total consultation fee] is required to be paid to initiate the consultation process. Two consecutive Instalments of 33.33% [of the total consultation fee] each due in 30 days and in 60 days of the deposit payment OR a discounted amount [as agreed] if paid in one go. By agreeing to the payment plan (monthly payments), you need to ensure that the payment reaches us on or before the due date. All payments have to be made and cleared before any submissions. Our terms are applicable in the UK as well as overseas.

This cover:

  • Advocacy and advice from your qualified immigration consultant and expert case manager
  • A comprehensive case review
  • A comprehensive report on your immigration options
  • A detailed list of the documents you may require to support your case and detailed definitions of these documents
  • Access to our relocation support services

Additionally, for no additional charge, we are happy to assist with

  • Relocation Assistance with help to find work overseas, opening a Bank Account, Accommodation etc.
  • Reviewing the documentation provided to us 
  • Assisting in the preparation of the application forms to lodge the case online or via post 
  • Liaise with the Authorities to address any questions they may have when appropriate. 

Break Down of fees

For the purpose of this agreement our fees are charged for the following (the Service):

Providing expertise and advocacy services during our comprehensive consultation – usually undertaken within 24 hours of becoming our client. As our agreement is to provide consultation, we do not charge our clients any additional fees to assist in securing their permit or to provide assistance with the rest of their relocation, if required. Your bank card details will need to be provided to us to process payments for a payment plan. Any changes to these details should be notified to us immediately. If bank card details are to be used, the payment needs to be processed four working days earlier. Late payment [£100.00], Admin charges [£50.00], Legal charges and Interest will be added each month if payments are not received within 48 hours and the due dates have passed. The terms on this document will be deemed as accepted once payment is received, payment details are provided and payment processed. The Consultation Fee excludes the government application processing fee and does not include third party fees like police checks, etc

Service Quality

It is very important to us that you are satisfied with the work we do. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact your case manager within as soon as possible and we promise that we will respond on the same business day, where possible.

Alternatively, please email feedback@migrategroup.comand we will ensure that you receive a response. 

Making Payment

You can use Bank Transfer facility through your Bank or use a Bank Card.

[Account Details are mentioned in the ‘Terms’ email]

Accepting this agreement 

In line with the International Contract Law, you will have accepted this agreement once you pay your deposit/retainer and/or received service and act in line with the conditions herein. 

The agreement is issued under with the intention of being legally binding in the country in which you live and to which you wish to relocate. In accepting the agreement, you agree to be bound by it in all jurisdictions, including your destination and your country of Origin and Residency.

Refund policy

Any concerns or complaints you have need to be registered with Migrate Group within 14 days of the concern arising and give Migrate Group up to 30 days to resolve your issues and concerns. We are only liable to refund the fees paid to Migrate Group, any refunds will be paid within 90 days of being agreed.

Ending this agreement

Initial Consultation is free (limited and subjective) where we discuss whether you qualify or not however once you agree to receive our detailed consultation (list of documents required, documents assessment etc.) it will be deemed to accepted our service and agreement. You will be charged at the rate of £149.00 per hour (minimum) for each time you’ve contacted your consultant for access, review and consultation and the total will be debited from any refunds agreed. We will automatically end this agreement if any circumstances arise that are beyond our or your control, and stop us or you from carrying out any of our or your responsibilities. You are entitled to cancel this agreement without charge up to the point where we have provided a detailed consultation advocacy services. After this time, in line with best practice and the OFT’s Distance Selling Regulations, our services are deemed to have been provided and our fees are payable. If for any reason, the Service is interrupted or terminated prior to completion (but after commencement), you agree to pay the fee for services. 

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